Photography gave me the opportunity to know myself and an opportunity to “serve”

Fotografo di Matrimonio - Reportage ed Emozioni! " Racconto la vostra Storia attraverso i miei occhi. " www.lucacaparrelli.commy story

It started 15 years ago when I bought my first professional camera, the Nikon d700, with the the earnings from working at the Roman summer events.

At the beginning I experimented with various types of photography from portraits to landscapes to reportage.

Thanks to photography I realised that I had started seeing the world with attentive and joyful eyes.

Fotografo di Matrimonio - Reportage ed Emozioni! " Racconto la vostra Storia attraverso i miei occhi. " www.lucacaparrelli.com

One day of many years ago.. I went to see a historical re-enactment of a battle between ancient Romans and I handed over my photos to the organizers after a careful selection and retouching.

They were struck by the beauty of my photos and in a short time I begun  official photographer of historical re-enactments!

From this experience I learnt I could do this job and I got a great self-confidence

I remember with affection the experience as stage photographer in Cinecittà with SPQR and Alberto Angela.Many laughs and fun listening to the incredible stories of Alberto!

I started practicing as a wedding photographer as an apprentice for some matrimonial studios and started working as a freelance for some communication agencies in corporate events.

After the first years of practice I found my “swing” or my “style” with which I later specialized in wedding photography in events and portraits.

In my photo shoots I show myself


With great passion for some years I felt the desire to share my knowledge and teach photography. I designed  practice photography courses as an opportunity for me especially at a human level to test myself and grow. I thank all the people who have been joining my courses also nowadays and in the well being!

THANKS to others we know ourselves

Corsi di Fotografia Pratica - Luca Caparrelli - www.lucacaparrelli.com

This job gives you little certainty there are periods of ups and downs. All this has taught me that each of us decides (unconsciously) what is the lesson he wants to learn in this life And the experience he wants to make.

We are the creators of this wonderful reality

It all comes … What you are ready for

Luca Caparrelli




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