Love Story in Rome

Love Story in Rome A photo  experience with natural and candid photos for engagement, honeymoon, love escape, elopement, secret proposal, wedding or just a gift! Photo Tour 1 Location: 1 (for example Colosseum) 60 minutes 40 edited Pictures 7 work days delivery   Photo Tour 2 Location: Various ( 2 or 3) 14 work daysContinua a leggere “Love Story in Rome”

Corporate Events

 Corporate Events Photographer Photo service with targeted shots that highlight the brand, the company and its protagonists.   I worked with BMW, TIM, Deutsch Banck, Vodafone, Siemens, Cartier, Perris, Axa Ass, MYBEST, SOLE24ORE, Campomarzio70, Poste Italiane, j&j, Lukoil, Huawei.